District 5 Schools – Selected Achievements 

Astoria Park

  • 2016-2017 – School Grade improved from a D to a C and no longer on the Lowest 300 List in Reading.
  • 2017 – Major construction/renovations to front office suite, media center, and covered walk area.
  • 2017 – Newly installed electronic safety gate.
  • 2016 – 2018 – 21st Century Learning Grant Reinstated at Astoria Park to provide students with additional resources. Envision Grant, Century Link Technology Grant, Leon County Foundation Grants, Service Learning Grants, Wellness & Literacy Grant.
  • 2015 – 2018 FSA 3rd-5th Afterschool Academic Enhancement Academy and Summer PreK-2nd Academic Enhancement Academy
  • 2018 – First Evening PreK-5 Black History and Dinner Program
  • 2015 – 2018 – Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Mentor/Volunteer Program – More fathers are volunteering in our school.


  • Implementation of a mentoring program entitled Bears to Men
  • DIVAS (Distinguished, Intelligent, Virtuous, Achieving Sisters ) mentoring program for girls
  • 2015 Riley established Girl Scouts Troup 1002
  • 2015 JGR Cheerleaders
  • One of 10 recipients of the Leon County Foundation Grant 2015-2016 (Putting a Scholastic Spin On Literacy, award $10,000)  and 2016-2017 (Full STEAM Ahead, awarded $10,000)
  • JGR STEM Club during the Riley’s 21stCentury After School Program
  • Scholastic Book Club grant recipient 2016-2017
  • Awarded the Dollar General Literacy Grant in 2014
  • Awarded the Girls on the Run
  • Established Camp LIGHTS Saturday FSA Testing Preparation
  • Established Bear Hug Center: An Emotional/Behavioral Intervention Tool
  • Established Restorative Justice: A Behavioral Intervention Program
  • Re-established Positive Behavioral Support Program and School Store




  • Ruediger underwent a major renovation which included a huge addition to our cafeteria as well as extensive improvements in classrooms.
  • Established strong partnerships with Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet and GTO which resulted in approximately $45,000 in funding, most of which went toward upgrading classroom technology.
  • With the purchase of Lenovo Tablets, we have achieved 1:1 ratio of children to technology in all kindergarten and first grade classrooms.
  • We have developed an effective, well defined intervention system to support struggling students, as well as an extensive after school tutoring program for students in grades 3-5.
  • When our art teacher entered a student-constructed Surfing Roadrunner in the Made By Milk Contest,  it was selected as the national grand prize winner.  We were awarded $5,000 to support the outstanding art program at Ruediger.
  • We have greatly enhanced parent involvement through family activities such as Camp Read-A-Lot, STEM Night, College Night, and our first annual Daddy-Daughter/ Mother-Son Dance.  Plans for expansion next year are already underway thanks to our PTO.
  • Top notch Ruediger teachers and staff are dedicated, persistent, and willing to do whatever it takes to support our children.



Sealey’s main goal is to drastically reduce the number of students scoring a level one of ELA FSA. Things that we have put in place to aide in our efforts:

  • Hired a full-time primary intervention teacher who is also ESE certified
  • Overly monitor Kindergarten – Third Grade Reading Data
  • Added a daily Walk to Read Block of time where interventions/acceleration is provided to meet the needs of individual students
  • Hold a yearly literacy night for families
  • Increased the use of our Accelerated Reader Program (see attached data)

SEALEY Elementary School – THIRD GRADE LEVEL 1’s on FSA

TBA 2018
4 2017
13 2016
21 2015

Renovated Office

Sealey has a recently remodeled office suite. This area is more secure and meets ADA compliance.

Conscience Discipline

For the past two years, Sealey has a group of teachers who are studying Conscience Discipline in an effort to better meet the needs of students who have experienced Trauma in their lives. These teachers meet once a month to read, study, and share experiences around this area. We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for our students.

Flipped Classroom Model

Our two fifth grade math teachers use the flipped classroom model. The definition of a flipped classroom described in wikipedia is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional educational arrangement by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom. It moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom.

Students who do not have computer access at home, are given time at school to preview the instructional videos. Lack of computer access at home has not been a barrier for these teachers.


We have increased our mentors greatly. The 100 Black Men and The Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity mentor are two large organizations that mentor weekly at Sealey in addition to our other mentors.


Each nine weeks, Sealey Superstars participate in a STEM activity where they are strategically placed in small groups, given a task and charged with the creation. Once, our fifth graders created roller coasters, and our first graders created a boat. The boats were put to the test by floating in an inflatable pool. Such STEM activities are carried out within each grade level.




  • Registered Career and Professional Education Academy (CAPE) offering Industry Certification in Microsoft and Adobe… where students have earned hundreds of certifications in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, and Adobe.
  • Increased promotion rate to 98% over the past 3 years for all grade levels.
  • District (2 years) and State (1 year) recognized Parental Involvement Award  recipient for “Parent Lunch and Learn Series” where parents are invited and provided lunch so that pertinent information can be shared as it relates to student academic success, FSA testing, and promotion requirements.
  • Teacher-led fully functioning (PUSH) tutoring center (Pursuing Unified Strategies for Higher-Achievement)…open daily at no cost for students needing academic support.
  • Competitive Robotics Team…earned honorable mention in State Robotics Competition – the only middle school participating…
  • Gizmo recognize school (District Wide)
  • Numerous athletic accomplishments as District winner in multiple sports.


  • Arts mentorship program is one of a kind in our area – arts professionals from across the area work with students who are interested in that field of study. Everything from cartoonists to violinists to rock band members to artists come and work with students.
  • Increased the number of students who came back to Raa Middle School  from previous private school enrollment.
  • Added a full time drama program with the introduction of a high school credit drama class.
  • Added 500 tablets with corresponding classroom carts to infused technology so every student had at least one course a day to use technology to enhance instruction.
  • Parent #FYI nights for each grade level to discuss specific grade level needs.
  • Established a well-attended and successful SciGirls program
  • Established the Unified Partners group for all CBI students at Raa Middle School
  • Working with the local radio station disk jockey’s to provide supportive seminars for students during the school day.
  • Established a Grief Group for students who experienced loss.
  • Established TOP award sponsored by a local community business partner. This award was in all other Middle Schools except Raa Middle.
  • Multiple middle school football championships.
  • Partnership with Ducks Unlimited to create duck houses for local bodies of water.
  • Established a Builders Club in connection with the local Kiwanis group.



  • Partnership with Embry Riddle Aeronautical Academy of Aviation and Engineering. These academies have given students the opportunities to not only earn Industry level certifications, but we have also had a few students earn their Private Pilot’s license while at Godby High School.
  • Academy of Information Technology – students have the opportunity to take courses in Finance and Business Tech, Web Design, Digital Design, Digital Photography and Digital Media. Students receive a very high number of industry level certifications.
  • Godby is very proud of our award winning Robotics We continue to keep pace with the competition at regional and state competitions.
  • The creation of our Drama Program has given students the chance to take part in theatre and theatre tech. This program has grown significantly over the years and has become one of the best in the area. We are also equally excited about our band and choral programs, as part of our performing arts department.
  • Godby Nursing Program– with our partnership with Lively Tech, students have the opportunity to earn their CNA while attending GHS.
  • Godby Welding – our newest program has proven to be a hit. Students attend welding classes on our campus and gain hands on experience in a very lucrative field. Students become Welder’s helpers prior to leaving GHS.
  • Dual Enrollment – GHS will become the dual enrollment high school in Leon County. We offer a large number of dual enrollment courses on campus and have a large number of students that leave campus for dual enrollment courses as well. It is our hope that students will continue to gain the exposure to college level coursework while remaining in our campus!
  • 2015 Red Ribbon Certified School…only one in LCS. Only 70 schools nationwide have received the honor of red ribbon certification. Go to org for more information


Gretchen Everhart

Thank you for the opportunity to highlight some major accomplishments that Gretchen Everhart School as made over the past 10 years.  We are very proud of the progress we are making each and every day thanks to your ongoing support!

  • GOLD level model school in the state of Florida for the implementation of Positive Behavior Supports (have been recognized as a model school in the state four times).  Consistent implementation of positive behavioral supports school wide.  Serve the most behaviorally challenged students.  Implement behavioral programming, social skills training, replacement skills, documentation and positive interventions.  Almost 100% of the staff are trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention.
  • Establish and maintain very positive and successful learning environments for students that have not been successful in other educational settings.  Students and sometimes their families move to Tallahassee to attend Gretchen Everhart School.  We serve some of the most challenging students in the state of Florida that move here from all over the state.  Students have access to a pool and a sensory room to meet their sensory needs.
  • Track reading and academic progress for students with even the most significant cognitive impairments.  Identify and use instructional materials for all academic areas.  Implement the Four Block Literacy Model to increase reading and writing skills in our students. Seen as a leader among ESE Center Schools in the state of Florida for our successful instruction on ACCESS Points and our school wide implementation of visual and communication supports to support learning.  Use of the PIXON communication system school wide.
  • A stable dedicated faculty and staff with years of experience that remain on the cutting edge of providing relevant instruction to students with significant disabilities.  We are able to accomplish this due in part to ongoing staff training.  We provide monthly training for our Paraprofessional staff on ways they can support the students and instruction in the classroom.
  • Establishment of the Everhart Excellence Foundation by concerned families and community members that have supported the work of the school.  The EEF is currently in the process of building a recreational area for students of all ages specially designed to meet the needs of students with significant disabilities.  The foundation has been instrumental in funding many items and projects that have helped the school meet the needs of the students and their families.  (iPads, Parents Day Out activities, Sound system, adapted bicycles, communication devices, specially designed Student Planners etc.)
  • Weekly instruction through Sensory Groups that rely on collaboration between teacher, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Therapist, art teacher and other support staff to provide relevant sensory experiences tied to instruction on ACCESS points.  The weekly units produce a repeatable line book and is posted weekly on a blog that is used world-wide.
  • Community Arts Transition group that establishes focus on art, music, theater, dance and other creative opportunities available in our community so students can graduate with ideas and options for leisure activities upon exiting the school system.